Accounting (At the Client’s office)

This work is partly carried out by the Client’s staff under the company’s supervision:

  • Our staff goes to the client to accompany, supervise and support the accounting and the filling up of obligatory tax return forms.
  • Our Official Accountant goes to the client for supervising and management support.
  • Regular analyses and reports for management support.
  • Filling up of tax return and VAT forms.
  • Official Accountant Responsibility.

Services carried out entirely by our staff (Outsourcing)

  • Our staff goes out to the client to:
  • Classify and type the accounting documents.
  • Fill up the obligatory tax return forms.
  • Make regular analyses and reports for management support.
  • Official Accountant Responsibility/ fiscal support.

Accounting (At the company’s office)

  • General and analytical accounting.
  • Bringing the accounting up to date
  • Regular analyses and reports.
  • Filling up tax return forms and others.
  • Management support.
  • Official Accountant Responsibility.